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Portable Outdoor Sofa

$51.27 USD $56.97 USD
New Pillow Sofa - Sapphire
New Pillow Sofa - Purple
New Pillow Sofa - Sky Blue
New Pillow Sofa - Red
New Pillow Sofa - Yellow
New Pillow Sofa - Green
Square Pillow - Red
Square Pillow - Black
Square Pillow - Sapphire
Square Pillow - Yellow
Square Pillow - Purple
Square Pillow - Orange
Square Pillow - Green
Square Pillow - Sky Blue
Banana - Black
Banana - Red
Banana - Sapphire
Banana - Yellow
Banana - Sky Blue
Banana - Green
Banana - Purple
Banana - Orange


Did you ever wish for a deckchair when you’re working on your beach tan, or a seat in the shade when you’re enjoying a relaxed summer afternoon in the park? 

Then this easy-to-inflate, portable recliner is the answer to your prayers! When at full size, it will comfortably fit a person up to 1.8m tall but when deflated, the whole thing folds up into a small shoulder bag that you can take with you anywhere. Constructed from rugged material and with no electronic or moving parts, this will be a valuable addition to any beach vacation, or digital nomad packing list.


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