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Peru Packing Essentials

Posted on June 01 2018

Peru Packing Essentials

Thinking of visiting Peru, the land of Incas, mysterious ruins, varied terrain and fresh cuisine? Here’s the key things you need to pack for your trip...

We've included links to what we've been using and enjoying, including things that we stock right here at Sutsukesu :-)

1. Strong but breathable hiking shoes

You will be walking a lot but it can get very hot and humid in some places ... your feet will thank you!


2. Quality waterproof gear

You never know when the weather might change, especially at altitude. A jacket that can handle a cloudburst is a minimum but consider some lightweight waterproof trousers too, to keep in your bag. 


3. Breathable, quick-dry clothes to layer up

We really like Icebreaker t-shirts for this purpose - they're not the cheapest but they are well made and look 'normal' too, so you can wear them anywhere! Otherwise, it's hard to beat Uniqlo's range of breathable clothes from a value for money perspective.


4. Camera and lots of extra batteries and memory cards

You’ll be taking loads of photos and videos. Camera manufacturers will tell you "NO!" but we've had no problems with third-party backup batteries - as long as you keep your "real" battery charged, they're fine to fall back on and can make the difference between missing a shot or not. Don't skimp on the memory cards though, really not worth it!


5. First aid kit, powerful insect repellent and sunscreen

Biting insects and fierce sun can be a problem in lots of parts of the country. Also, it's nice to know you've got clean dressings, needles, basic medications to hand in case anything happens while you're out and about.


6. A good backpack and a day bag

The PacSafe Venturesafe 65L is a good option for a main backpack because it has a great secure locking system and you can use it as a mini-safe when you're out of your accommodation. Peru is a growing economy but it still pays to be a bit cautious about protecting your valuables. Why not check out our folding day-bag too - it's a great option for when you just want to take your essentials out with you on a day-hike, or a busy dash around the many attractions of Peru!


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